In Africa, 90% of the work of gathering water and wood, for the household and for food preparation, is done by women

n some parts of Africa, women and children spend 8 hours a day collecting water. They spend up to 5 hours a day collecting fuel wood. On average they travel 10-15 kilometres per day collecting water and carrying up to 20 kilos or 15 litres per trip. Collectively they walk the equivalent of 4 to 6 times to the moon and back gathering fuel and water for families.

Our vision and mission at A-DEUS is to provide a gateway to the empowerment of women in rural communities across Sub-Saharan Africa

Our pledge at A-DEUS is that we will do the work gathering the energy and water they need, we will do the work to deliver it to their homes, will do the work so they can focus on participating and taking their rightful role as leaders in the labour force, releasing their full potential and changing the face of Africa.

A-DEUS: powering rural communities with low cost and low carbon energy, providing power to women of the world.