With so much happening at A-DEUS and a Generator Killer on the loose, we felt the need for another pair of hands on the Board with expertise in engineering and instrumentation and a leader in digital transformation.

We are delighted that Wesley Tucker answered the call and agreed to bring his expertise and guide A-DEUS on our journey to transform how energy is produced, shared and consumed. Wesley’s global experience with large companies and value creation through digitally innovative technologies at pace will enable A-DEUS’ rapid growth strategy.

We are counting on his knowledge of advancing multiple technology stacks, digital strategy concepts, data management, analytics and visualisation tools and techniques to guide the delivery of A-DEUS’ next Generation energy platform

See statement from Wesley:

“Bringing affordable, community-owned green energy to markets all across the world is a bold ambition that I am honored to be a part of. A-DEUS’s alternative offer will be available to communities and firms in countries like Britain, but also to communities in Nigeria and other parts of Africa that are energy-poor. Empowering the consumer to make their own green-energy choices is critical to tackling climate change. A-DEUS’s focus on wealthier markets like the UK as well as energy hungry emerging markets like Nigeria gives them a unique advantage in making a difference in the world. I look forward to seeing A-DEUS making a meaningful impact on the carbon-heavy energy footprint in the world today. “