Ann is one of the original co-authors of the Green New Deal and someone who has championed the cause of restructuring the global finance system and sustainable development.

As Chairperson, Ann will provide leadership to our initiatives to develop a global green village that creates a circular hydrogen ecosystem that will deliver gigascale fuel cell, solar, heat pump, battery and EV manufacturing and energy generating capacity.

Dr Damien Uduehi, outgoing Chair and the present CEO of A-DEUS said “We are delighted that Ann has accepted this position, and look forward to working closing with Ann to make the A-DEUS dream a reality.”

See statement from Ann:

I am excited to be part of this new venture to provide affordable, community-owned green energy to markets across the world. A-DEUS’s alternative offer will be available to communities and firms in countries like Britain, but also to communities in Nigeria and other parts of Africa that are energy-poor. I look forward to A-DEUS playing a decisive role in displacing carbon-heavy generators in widespread use across most of Africa.