A-DEUS had a few friends over to celebrate Nigeria’s Independence Day and to catch a glimpse of a new kind of future.

As dawn broke, three hydrogen fuel cell mCHPs with integrated natural gas fuel processors slept quietly in a Scottish garage.

Across the garden, a concentrated Solar mCHP stirred as the sun rose; the SunOyster opened to a new kind of energy future for Nigeria and the U.K.

We toasted the A-DEUS SunOyster as it tracked the Independence Day sun (on a bright Scottish afternoon) through the sky until sun set and then we celebrated the A-DEUS Bluegen Fuel Cells completing their last cycle to hydrogen and power production.

It was a remarkable day and as the sun set and the SunOyster closed and the Fuel cells purred good night, this Independence Day was filled with hope.

They say the day after is always an anti-climax as reality sets in. They were wrong.

At approximately 12pm today, with the SunOyster gazing up to the Sun, the A-DEUS Bluegen fuel cells stirred into power production and we crossed a key milestone ...

Power On for A-DEUS, the community powered, cheap, clean energy network of the future ... energy from the Sun say hello to energy from Hydrogen