It’s been radio silence at A-DEUS but some very interesting things have been happening at the A-DEUS Demonstrator and we have been keeping it under the radar trying not to cause a panic. After the events of the last few weeks, we feel we have no choice but to let the public know what’s been going on ... if only to bring hope to the finance and health of the affected.

In Scotland and Nigeria, we started another phase of testing critical hardware and software systems required for the A-DEUS low carbon low cost energy as a service platform. We’ve been building and configuring fully functional prototypes to establish options for beta testing and design packages for mass production.

In particular we were so excited about the adaptation of the platform to serve locations without a fully functional energy & utilities grid. Locations like Nigeria with over 20 million small and medium scale diesel/petrol generators and natural gas engines (1.5KW - 500KW) emitting 100 million plus tons of CO2 and other GHG pollutants annually.

We thought we were making an ANGEL but it turns out we have made a KlLLER .. a GENERATOR KILLER … and we have been working hard to put the genie back in the box quietly.

We made the ANGEL so super smart, it adapted, it evolved and we knew we’d lost control, when we received this message;

“In the lawless world of energy production there is a new sheriff in town, and it has vowed to take out all diesel and petrol prime/continuous power generators for being noisy, smelly, dirty, polluting, mangy energy scum”

We thought we could still contain it but what happened next stunned us.

In August, just like the gunfight at the O.K. Corral, there was an energy fight at the A-DEUS Demonstrator … the diesel / petrol / natural gas prime power generators never stood a chance and it was over in seconds … this wasn’t a contest of equals it was total and devastating annihilation.

-() Over 100% more efficient -() 100 % reduction in NoX, Sox GHG pollution -() Over 90% reduction in noise pollution -() Over 90% reduction in CO2 emission -(*) Over 80% reduction in operating and maintenance cost

We now feel compelled to issue a safety warning for all prime power diesel / petrol / natural gas generators to stay off the streets as their safety is no longer guaranteed.

If you own or have invested in the making of one of these mangy generators ... we suggest you best make peace with it now and prepare for it and the factories that make it to meet an inglorious end in the scrap heap of history …

A-DEUS .. it’s coming