Becoming a member of A-DEUS and joining a peer community powered energy network, means joining a low cost, low carbon, clean energy “energy capacity and time-sharing club”
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Access the desired quantity of clean energy at the lowest cost for cooking, lighting, powering electrical appliances, heating and transportation at a fixed price for a nominal term of 25-years and benefit from energy plans that can be adjusted to match changing energy needs within the term. Prices are up to 50% lower than current energy prices depending on the selected energy plan and membership.

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Access an ownership share of the energy generator, energy capacity/fuel source, energy processing plant, smart grids, pipelines, trucks, barges, distribution stations and all equipment and facilities required to generate and deliver the desired quantity of energy.

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Own a share of the manufacturing capacity required to make the necessary equipment and to continually produce maintenance and spare parts required to produce and deliver the desired quantity of energy over the 25-year term.

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Members simply select an energy plan that matches their needs and pay for energy consumed which also includes the cost of achieving full ownership of the assets over a 5 to 25 year term, depending on the membership options selected.
  1. A-DEUS provides members with the capacity (hardware, software, fuel) to generate and store their own energy for their own primary consumption.
  2. A-DEUS provides members with additional services like management and maintenance.
  3. A-DEUS provides members with a means of peer to peer sharing or trading of capacity such that the overall cost of energy for all users of the network is ultra-low.
  4. A-DEUS works just like a physical property (hotel room, holiday villa) with a time-sharing use arrangement and asset co-investment. As in the property market with house prices, the monetary value of producing and delivering a unit of energy and the value of the infrastructure is expected to change with market forces over time, becoming more expensive and increasing the value of owing your own energy.
Members acquire A-Coins by selecting and paying for energy plans and membership fees, through earning energy loyalty points, by being gifted or sent energy and by the appreciation in the value of their selected energy plan vs the market price for energy .
Adeus Coins


Members can share or trade energy and with other A-DEUS peer subscribers (domestic or business) using A-Coins.

Redeem earned energy points at participating businesses using A-Coins.

Pay / Offset cost of an A-DEUS energy plan using A-Coins.

Program when energy (KWH) should be produced and delivered from raw fuel source, or stored and drawn from storage.

A-Coins are the lifeblood of the A-DEUS community energy market place an energy backed currency (One A-Coin = One Unit of Energy (KWH).

Welcome to A-DEUS

In a world of ever-rising energy prices and carbon emissions, consumers are presented with no power to influence rising costs and large barriers to commit to a green lifestyle.

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A-DEUS gives power back to the people and democratises the generation and use of energy for the good of all.

With A-DEUS you own the rights to your own energy now and into the future. You decide how much energy you want, when you want to generate it, how you want it receive it and where you want to consume it, all for the lowest possible cost.

Energy/Utility Energy Resource / Capacity Required For Green Self Sufficiency and Luxury
Electricity 23KW Solar/Wind Turbine or 4.5KW Fuel Cell + 24 KWh Energy Storage + Installation
Heating 25KW Heat Pump (Air Source or Ground Source) or 30KW Hydrogen Boiler + Installation
Transportation Battery EV, 5dr with minimum range of 150km
Fibre 1 Gbps Fibre to Home
Going Green Alone
Non-Reoccuring Cost Annual Re-occuring Cost inc any fuel maintenance
£58,944 £0
£18,500 £0
£26,500 £0
£4,600 £6,180
Going Green With Existing Providers
Non-Reoccuring Cost Annual Re-occuring Cost (inc. any fuel, maintenance, capacity or Tariff)
£0 £1,365
£0 £2,000
£3,975 £7,858
£2,500 £5,580
Going Green With A-deus
Non-Reoccuring Cost Annual Re-occuring Cost (inc. any fuel, maintenance, capacity or Tariff)
£0 £819
£0 £1,200
£0 £5,506
£0 £3,348

Join the World's First Community Powered Clean Energy Network

The Atlas Distributed Energy and Utility Society “A-DEUS” is a members only private virtual wired and unwired energy network. Our aim is to bring together a self-selecting Community of energy users who are committed to switching for good to a cheaper, cleaner and more stable energy future.

Join us today!

Membership Benefits

A-DEUS provides a fully flexible menu of energy options and benefits, designed around household sizes and consumption to customisable personalised plans.

In a few easy steps you can save money and switch for good to a green lifestyle that delivers a cheaper, cleaner and more stable energy future.

The A-DEUS energy plans are built around six core pillars.



Provision of cheap, clean electricity for appliances



Provision of cheap, clean energy for space and water heating and cooling


Electric Vehicles (EV)

Provision of cheap electricity for EV charging and access to Fast EV charging points



Our electric car scheme gives you the choice of a wide selection of vehicles and home and national EV charging. A simple solution to all your energy needs,; just pay for your car and fuel in one easy monthly payment.)


A-DEUS Value-Added Services

Provision of an Energy Sharing Service, Energy Trading and a Loyalty and Benefit Scheme


Bundled Service

For Home: Provision of a bundled service for electricity, heating, cooling, and cooking

For Lifestyle: Provision of a bundled service combining Home and eMobility

How Membership Works
Member Loyalty Programme
Membership Connection Process
Selection of Plans on the A-DEUS Store
Membership Levels