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Asset Dispatch and Control

  • Aggregation and control of DERs
  • Scheduling and dispatch of DER based on A-DEUS member profiles and operational conditions (e.g. weather)
  • Scheduling and dispatch of DER excess capacity to achieve price arbitrage (buy at low period and sale at peak periods)
  • Scheduling and dispatch/trading of DER excess capacity based on half hourly market prices
  • Scheduling and dispatch of DER to optimise revenue and minimise operational cost (e.g. fuel in selecting which DER to dispatch)

Live Monitoring and Forecasting

  • Monitoring of DER asset
  • Supply and demand forecasting
  • Capacity planning

Demand Response and Balancing

  • Trigger demand side flexibility to balance primarily the A-DEUS network and utilise spare capacity for support of the TSO
  • Aggregation of DER in order to balance the supply and the demand of A-DEUS retail customers
  • Aggregation of DERs as secondary Balancing Mechanism units in order to participate in the Trans-European Replacement Reserve Exchange and provide balancing and capacity service to UK TSO.

Distributed Energy Resource (DER)

fuel cell

Fuel Cell

We use market-leading, highly efficient technology. The fuel cell generator, Micro Combined Cooling, Heat And Power System (mCCHP), separates natural gas into carbon and hydrogen. It is clean, quiet and easily re-fuelled by the A-DEUS team. One fuel cell device is sufficient for most homes, but for larger developments or businesses these can be scaled up to increase capacity.

fuel cell

Solar Device

Solar technology enables energy generated during daytime hours to be stored for use later. This technology co-generates power and heat/cooling achieving efficiencies higher than any other energy solution in the market. Originally developed for spacecraft, the solar cells convert energy from the sun’s rays directly into electricity. The state-of-the-art control system also tracks the sun each day from East to West to maximise energy.

fuel cell

Heat Pump

The Solar Assisted Air Source Heat Pump provides heating and/or cooling and hot water to your home or business premises.

fuel cell


Battery storage ensures that energy generated during peak daytime hours can be used off-peak and when you need it most. A Smart Meter monitors energy consumption and helps to improve your energy efficiency.